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Drone Services Canberra ACT


For a long time, farmers have given up on the idea of relying solely on historical records of seasonal rain and temperatures patterns to plan rotation strategies and crop irrigation, whilst at the same time successful Australian farmers have introduced contemporary methods for monitoring crop health and identifying issues that lead to yield decline.


Evidence of climate change on Australian agriculture is presenting farmers with ever increasing challenges, whilst managing their fields and crops. The recent use of drones in farming has decreased the time it takes to collect the relevant information required to make critical decisions.


UAVs with collision protection, GPS assistance and camera stabilisation. Also equipped with specialised imaging equipment such as thermal imaging cameras reduce costs, deliver time savings and efficiencies. when compared to the cost and time output of using manned aircraft like helicopters or light aircraft or also using labours to monitor crops and take samples for measurement.


Drones used in unison with purpose-built software for calculating NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), aerial data captured on a more frequent basis can assist farmers in mapping the health and vitality of crops, by monitoring such things as sunlight absorption and transpiration rates.


Recording crop information and its changes over time enable farmers, to in real-time to get insights into disease, weed and pest activity. perfecting irrigation schedules and making accurate yield predictions, whilst gaining; improving yields by identifying issues and taking action as quickly as possible.


Grazers who are looking after livestock can also benefit from using UAV’s to monitor herd separation. Twice or 3 times daily, Drones can carry out inspections of cattle movements or detect calving activity. can be a time consuming and difficult task when relying on horses, motorbikes and 4WD’s. Using a UAV, these tasks can be reduced to less than 20 minutes per flight, allowing more monitoring, reducing wear and tear on farm equipment. Theft or loss detection is also made possible by providing an easy means to regularly count stock numbers.


Capital Remote Aviation Pty Ltd. is happy to provide you with an appointment to see how using one of our fully insured, licensed and experienced UAV pilots and RPAS, will help you to reduce your costs, delivery time savings and efficiencies on your farm.

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