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Drone Services Canberra ACT


Maintaining a competitive edge in the civil engineering and construction industry necessarily means keeping tight control over project costs. Blowouts in construction time-frames, workplace incidents that result in industrial action or worksite closures; stockpile shortages bringing work to a halt and equipment that is under-utilized can all have a devastating impact on the profitability of civil construction and building projects.


GPS assisted UAV’s, with collision protection and active camera stabilisation is providing high levels of visibility over large-scale projects, improving transparency, enhancing site safety and helping avert costly disruptions. Drones cut costs, deliver efficiencies and save time.


WHS managers, for example, are able to continually observe progress and identify new and emerging hazardous risks, placing them in a better position to plan risk minimization and mitigation strategies throughout the course of a project.


Drones can also be used to provide visual assistance during complex crane lifts. Real-time capture and supply of footage to spotters and operators enhances communication and helps assure the success of delicate maneuvers.


Beyond standard imaging capability, captured footage can be processed through our specialist software to produce Ortho-mosaics, digital surface models and three-dimensional representations of worksites that can then be viewed and annotated, without the need for specialist software on the customer side.


Engineers can use this data to measure distances (m), areas (m2), stockpile volumes (m3), create polygons, place identifying markers, identify latent machinery and add annotations using a standard browser, that can then easily be shared and commented on.


As projects near completion, digital thermography can be used to expose defects in insulation, air leaks around balcony doors and highest windows, loose duct-work and mechanical issues relating to HVAC systems under load, potentially resulting in energy loss and excess power consumption.

Digital thermography can also expose surplus moisture, which can be the result of plumbing defects and roof leaks.


Solar panel installers and engineers can also benefit from thermal imaging, being able to verify the efficacy of new installations.


Call Capital Remote Aviation Pty Ltd. today on the details below and book an appointment to discover how using one of Capital Remote Aviation ’s fully insured, licensed and experienced UAV controllers can help you cut costs, deliver efficiencies and save time in your Civil Engineering or Construction Project.

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