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Drones are able to significantly reduce time in claims. Instead of an engineer, builder or assessor climbing scaffolding's and ladders to assess roof-lines, and chimneys or renting scissor lifts and boom trucks to determine the cause and extent of any damage, claims adjusters can deploy a drone pilot and drone to analyse hazardous situations without risking injury or disturbing the scene. Drone footage is able to capture evidence quicker and more safely, UAV film includes close-ups, wide angles and zooming capabilities up to 30X …


Drones enable insurance assessors or adjusters to carry less, stay safe and greatly improve evidence collection. Enhanced productivity of risk engineers. With the availability of drones, a generalist, rather than a specialist, can be sent to the field to assess risk. The generalist can easily work with the drone pilot to guide the Drone through the property to capture videos and photos while using recorded voice dictations to note what they see.


This creates more accurate and timely reports, without wasting a risk engineer’s time traveling from one location to another. Drones not only reduce the demands of specialised workers, they also save time for all involved. Piloted UAV’s eliminate the need for multiple expensive equipment and education expenses and can reduce site visits for specialist staff, including the risk associated with them.


Drones are significantly reducing the cost and turnaround time for completing risk-assessment reports. Claims where adjusters might encounter damaged or blocked roads, fallen trees, broken power lines and other safety hazards while evaluating losses. When used properly, drones have the potential to cut claim payout times in half, without sacrificing due diligence as drones increase the speed and efficiency of risk engineers and adjusters, they also compress the time it takes for claims to get paid, which improves customer satisfaction.


Both as an owner of a property that has been damaged, looking to document damages for them self. Or, an insurance company looking for drone services to speed up claims for there customers. 


Capital Remote Aviation Pty Ltd, is Ready to and able to help. Email or call us today on the details below, to book an appointment to discover how using one of Capital Remote Aviation Pty Ltd's.  fully insured, licensed and experienced UAV pilots with the latest and safest in drone and camera technology, can help you. 

Most Real estate Property Sales videos, take 1 flight block and 2 editing block to complete.

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Drone Services Canberra ACT


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Our DJI Matrice 600 pro is equipped with Zenmuse x5 camera 5.2k cinema quality film making, a Zenmuse 30x zoom camera for those difficult situations in asset inspections...
Matrice 600 Pro Services
2 hr
DJI Phantom 4 pro is equipped with 4k video and photographic miniature camera. THIS SERVICE INCLUDES: The time frame and price booked is 2 hours of works, this includes...
Commercial Asset Inspection
2 hr
As we only include a little editing in our minimum set fee for services. Here is a 2 of hour block of extra editing, for extra editing requested, adding a voice over or ...
Video And Photo Editing Services Block
2 hr