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Jamie Graham

Spence, Australian Capital Territory - Canberra

​Tel: 0422 764 482​

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Drone Services Canberra ACT


DJIMatrice 600 Pro specs link

Matrice Pro 600

Click the picture
Zenumse x5 camera for use on the Matrice 600 Pro
Click the picture
Zenmuse z30 30x Zoom Camera

Phantom 4 

Phantom 4 Drone
Click the picture
Phantom 4 camera
Click On The Picture For Drone And Camera Specs

Parrot Pro Ag

DJI Parot Pro AG
Airinov First+ surveying photo
Click the pictures

Coming Soon P Series p20 Ag Drones XAircraft

 click on P10 for more info

X aircraft P series P30
X aircraft P series P10
X aircraft P series P20

Click on P30 for more info

click on P20 for more info

Canberra Remoate Aviation Canberra in the back ground

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