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Spence, Australian Capital Territory - Canberra

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Drone Services Canberra ACT



We get your contact and return contact details.

In most cases, we inspect the area first, Interview the client and get a good idea of what they are after and possibly provide some further suggestions. this all happens within the estimate of cost appointment.


We then check air charts, danger areas, and forecast weather and produce a flight plan from information collected from on-site, google maps, and NAIPS. 

We will then send you an estimate of cost no later than 48 hours following our appointment.


You accept the estimate of cost and pay the deposit into the account provided on the estimate of cost.


We then set a date for the operation to be carried out.

If the weather is good on the date set, we come out to the site, we then carry out the pre-flight checks and set up exclusion zones for take-off and landings and signs to show flight is in progress.


We then make sure that anyone in the vicinity that is involved or not in the operation, is aware of our operations and that it is beginning, begin flights operations with safety and confidence.


Complete Mission objectives and land.

For photographic missions, we complete any editing required and send out a low resolution, low frame speed version to your email or drop box. we then will talk to you about any editing changes, we make those changes.

Send it back to you again in low res email or drop box.

Once the final edit is approved by you, we will send out your final invoice. once this is paid and in our bank account.


We will send out your receipt. Then we will send the final edit to you and the full raw footage via a memory stick and Australia post, as some of the video files can be large. this makes most emails have a heart attack if they are not compressed heavily etc.


CASA and Airservices Australia approvals

although we are licensed to fly commercially and have some blanket approvals for flying our remotely controlled aircraft outside normal operating conditions.  Should your operation require approvals from CASA or Airservices Australia or both, this will push out your time frame by a month if not two. It will also push up the cost of your operation considerably.


The associated cost for going through this process are upwards of $1000.00



Payments can be made either via cash or direct deposit. into our account. Our Bank account details will be on your estimate of works and your invoice that will be provided on completion of operations. 


Our payment terms are strictly 20-50% deposit and final payment on completion of works, we will provide a 1 week grace period for final payment. any other arrangements must be made with the Director and chief Pilot Jamie Graham. these arrangements will only be for multiple flight operation, bookings.


Film, photographic, agricultural or survey data from operational flights, will be sent Via DropBox if you have that service if not you data will be delivered via australia post in a memory stick, following final payment receipt.

Should your project require to use of Pix4D suit there will be additional costs for processing and software licensing.

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