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Spence, Australian Capital Territory - Canberra

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Drone Services Canberra ACT


Aerial Real-estate footage can drastically assist the sale of a residential or commercial property. an overview can provide a unique perspective.
Capture the view, the street, the gardens and the surrounding neighborhood.
Elevate your real estate marketing with inspirational aerial images and video footage.
Using areal photography or video footage to combine with your existing photographic or visual marketing. You can produce excited buyers, who are keen to compete to purchase the property. 
Capital Remote Aviation Pty Ltd is happy to assist. Whether you are marketing an existing property or a new development, using Capital Remote aviation to document your views position in the area in relation to the school's shops and arterial roads.
Research shows that listing with better photos gain the seller higher asking prices. Complete the picture with ethically retouched external photography, highlighting a property’s main features.
A video like this will require one flight block and  2-4 blocks of editing time.
Canberra Remoate Aviation Canberra in the back ground

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This service includes for a residential block: * Flight plan interview * Pre flight checks and inspections * Our travel to and from site in the ACT * The flight, * 10 s...
Residential Asset Inspections
2 hr
Our DJI Matrice 600 pro is equipped with Zenmuse x5 camera 5.2k cinema quality film making, a Zenmuse 30x zoom camera for those difficult situations in asset inspections...
Matrice 600 Pro Services
2 hr
As we only include a little editing in our minimum set fee for services. Here is a 2 of hour block of extra editing, for extra editing requested, adding a voice over or ...
Video And Photo Editing Services Block
2 hr