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Drone Services Canberra ACT


Initial Appointment email or phone call



Information gathering


In some cases, we will need to inspect the area first, Interview the client and get a good idea of what they are after and when they would like to have this work done, possibly provide some further suggestions to improve safety, cost or quality or all three if possible. This all happens within the estimate of cost appointment. this is a 15 minute to half an hour discussion on site. whilst taking notes from our discussion, and identifying any possible hazards, we return back to base.


We then check air charts, danger areas, Risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies, forecast weather and produce a flight plan from information collected from on-site, google maps, and NAIPS. this in some cases can take 2 hours including travel time.


Should we need to operate in controlled airspace, will require time to gain permissions from CASA an Airservices. this will also take time.


We will then send you an estimate of cost, for the flying part of the operation, no later than 48 hours following our appointment or receipt of permission letters and documentation required, should we need them. the estimate of cost will be accompanied by a Preparation and investigation invoice for preparation and investigatory services provided to date.




Estimate of Cost


If you do not accept the estimate of cost, then the preparation and investigation invoice for the initial work in providing you with your, estimate of the cost for the operation, is provided to you.


Payment is due immediately on your receipt of the estimate of cost. you pay the invoice and we send a receipt to you once your funds are clear in our account. Should our estimate of cost invoice not be paid within one week of receipt of invoice, there will be a letter sent and a further 1 week grace period provided, prior to action being taken at ACAT against you. this action may cause damage to your creditworthiness in the future.


CASA and Airservices Australia & Additional Approvals for flights outside normal operational boundaries, such as flights over 400 feet, inside controlled airspace, at night or beyond the line of vision flight operations. We may need to gain specialized approvals from CASA and Airservices Australia for such operations, the minimum additional cost in fees charged by CASA and Airservices Australia in order to gain some of these approvals, for operations such as these is $1000.00 plus.


You accept the estimate of cost a booking deposit invoice will be provided to you. This Booking deposit invoice will be for between 20%-50% of the estimated cost of the operation including travel time to and from location, administration time, accommodation and travel expenses, operational flight time, set-up and pack-up time. All our billing is charged in2-hour blocks, so if you book 1 block of 2 hours with the phantom and you require the extra time of say half an hour -1.45 hours extra, you will be charged for the full 2 hour block of time required to complete the job. For either operational flight time or editing or any of the above for that matter. 


The estimate of cost is just that an 'estimate of the cost' that it may be to complete your drone operations with results that you require. should the time taken to provide our service, go over what has been estimated on the estimate of cost. Then the additional time, in 2 hour blocks, will be invoiced.


Should our pilots be forced to wait for you to be ready for filming, this time is chargeable at the specific rates for the drone services. no less than $80 per hour for all services charge in 2 hour blocks. The Booking deposit is due and payable on booking of the operation. pay the Booking deposit into the account provided on the Booking deposit invoice, for the flight operation.


If you have not got an estimate of cost or book an initial appointment.


Booking your operation

once this booking deposit is received and in our account. We then set a date for the operation to be carried out. If the weather is good on the date set.  If the weather is not conducive or is just plain bad, we will re-book for the next most convenient, conducive day weather wise.


If we call you and reschedule your flight operation in the morning and you agree and reschedule our appointment as suggested by us. There is no additional cost to you for this reschedule.


However, if we call you to reschedule due to the bad weather and you insist we come to your location, regardless. when we get there. We are still unable to perform our operation due to that bad weather. our minimum fee will be chargeable due to our attendance.



Flying your operation.

if the weather is good for us to fly, we come out to site, we then carry out the pre flight checks and set up exclusion zones for take off and landings and signs to show flight is in progress..


We then make sure that anyone in the vicinity that is involved or not in the operation, is aware of our operations and that it is beginning, begin flights operations with safety and confidence. We then complete our previously agreed upon mission objectives and land.


Should the weather hold up our operations and this extends the time and cost required to complete the operation to our pilots and customers satisfaction, this will also increase the cost of this operation and will be added to the final invoice for service provided.


During our flight operation please don't talk to our pilot as he is concentration on getting your job done in a safe and timely manner, this is to ensure your  Operational invoice is as cost effective, as it can be. Please also ensure that any pets are  locked up and that all people due in the vicinity of this operation are aware of its progress.


We then pack up our equipment, and the exclusion zones and signs and return to our base to process the data collected from your site or location.


Send your raw data

If you are getting just raw data, we then send you our final invoice. your invoice is due and payable immediately following its receipt, there is a weeks grace period provided, prior to action being taken.


Editing works

For photographic missions, we complete any editing required and send out a low resolution version to your drop box. 


We would then will talk to you about any editing changes you might like, if there is time in your budget, we make those changes.


Send it back to you again in low res email or drop box. as ask about final editing changes, we will not wait for longer than 24 hours for direction on changes.

Once the final edit is approved by you, we will send out your final invoice. once this is paid and clear in our bank account.


We will send out your receipt. Then we will send the final edit to you and the full raw footage and edited version, with stills etc. via Drop Box or memory stick and Australia post(memory stick and Australia Post cost a little extra), as the video files can be large. this makes most emails wont do it, even drop box will have a heart attack, if the are not compressed heavily etc.


Music and voice over works

Proof of payment for royalties payment to APRA will be required for any music edited in. Or you can use royalty free music download. As these things are usually of a personal taste, nature. We would like these to be picked by you at least of provided by you at best.


Voice overs will attract a talent fee usually around $80.00 per hour minimum 1 hour.



Payments can be made either via cash or direct deposit. into our bank account. Our Bank account details will be provided on your estimate of works invoice or your operations invoice or your editing invoice, that will be provided on completion of these works. 


Our payment terms are strictly 20-50 percent deposit at our discretion, on any operations and final payment 'on completion of works' is expected. We will provide a 1 week grace period for final payment. Any other arrangements must be made with the Director and chief Pilot Jamie Graham, these arrangements will only be considered for long term contracts, and they can only be extended to 4 weeks, prior to collection action commencement.


Film or photographic data or nitrogen or moisture data from operational flights, will be sent to you via DropBox, if you don't have drop box then in a memory stick via the post, following final payment and receipt.


Should we have not received payment in full, for any of the above invoices received by any customer or client. More than 2 weeks out from the delivery of  an invoice. We will move directly to collection action with ACAT and other relevant bodies. 


We are a small Australian business, and we are not in a position to carry any debit for any amount of time. For other businesses or people.


Please note:

Any invoice or receipt provided by Capital Remote Aviation Pty Ltd. is in accordance with the security of payment act 2010-2011.

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