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Drone Services Canberra ACT


Airborne thermal imaging can be a very useful tool. As projects near completion, digital thermography can be used to expose defects in insulation, air leaks around balcony doors and highest windows, loose ductwork and mechanical issues relating to HVAC systems under load, potentially resulting in energy loss and excess power consumption.


Airborne thermal imaging cameras present many opportunities to mine operators to track and monitor equipment movements, inspect machinery and identify equipment that is overheating, detect groundwater inflow and even conduct search and rescue operations.


To small business involved in insulation or solar panels or asset inspection, Digital thermography can expose heat loss through windows doors roof and cladding. also surplus moisture, which can be the result of defects and roof leaks.


Solar panel installers and engineers can also benefit from thermal imaging, being able to verify the efficacy of new installations.


Before and after shots are perfect for customer satisfaction and further advertising of your services.


If this service sounds like it would be useful to you or your business please don't hesitate to contact Capital Remote Aviation Pty Ltd.


However, At this stage. We do not have a thermal imaging camera. We are looking at purchasing this equipment in the near future.

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Our DJI Matrice 600 pro is equipped with Zenmuse x5 camera 5.2k cinema quality film making, a Zenmuse 30x zoom camera for those difficult situations in asset inspections...
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